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  If you are dissatisfied with the reality,let't change it.If you can’t change your environment, you can at least change your own ways.It all begins within yourself, and you have to want to change things for the better. 


  1. Get good at something


  Sometimes all it takes is a little talent. Taking up a hobby or refining a talent can do wonders for your confidence. If you feel brave enough, you can show other people your hard work. It never hurts to hear a little praise on occasion.


  2. Keep a journal


  You are your own worst critic, but you don’t have to be. Recording your accomplishments or writing about things that make you happy can help you realize your own self worth. Life is worth living and you should remind yourself of that.


  3. Keep fit


  Exercising and eating healthy food can make you feel good about the choices you make for yourself. When you notice how good and healthy you look, you won’t have reason to try to hide behind baggy clothes.


  4. Take care of yourself


  Do something that you want to do. If nobody wants to see that cheesy movie with you, go by yourself and don’t get into the mindset that only losers go to the movies alone. Being independent and not having to constantly have companionship is a strength, not a weakness.


  5. Turn into an optimist


  It makes no sense remarking on the dark clouds while ignoring the rainbow. Seeking positive ideas and looking at the “bright side” can affect your mood for the better. Focusing on the good things in life can help you hold your head high, knowing that life is good, even when it seems bad.


  6. Spend some time alone…but not too much


  Everyone should have some time to themselves every day. Reading a book or enjoying the outdoors are great for the soul. But too much alone time can get the brain to sit stagnant. Sometimes people get sick of themselves and end up thinking of things that end up depressing them. Have a healthy dose of “you” time, but make sure you leave the room to seek out the people who matter most.

  每个人每天都应该在自己身上花点时间。阅读一本书或享受户外活动,对心灵来说是很好的方式。但是过多的独处会让大脑反应缓慢呆滞。有时人们会讨厌自己,最终陷于令自己沮丧的事情中。对“自己” 的独处时间要有一个合理的安排,保证在你走出房门后去寻找最重要的人。

  7. Do good deeds


  There’s nothing like helping other people to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. You know you’ve done something good and that you made another person happy. Making a difference in someone’s life can make a difference in your own, for the better.


  8. Set achievable goals


  Setting impossible goals only sets you up for failure. If, for example, you want to lose weight, small increments at a time may be a good option. You can easily lose five pounds. Lose those five pounds and you will feel a sense of accomplishment. Further challenge yourself to another small amount. The more goals you achieve, the more you will see how awesome you really are.


  9. Who cares what other people think?


  It’s very difficult to turn off the thoughts of what others might be thinking. The only way you can shrug it off is if you resolve to just not care. Who cares? If someone thinks poorly of you, that’s their problem. That issue is on them, not you. Move on, stay fabulous.


  10. Learn to love yourself


  The person whose opinion matters the most is your own. If you don’t love yourself, try to find out why. Then try to find a solution to that reason. Can it be fixed? If not, can you find someone who can help, perhaps a psychologist, a friend, or a pastor? Make room in your heart for yourself. You’re the only “you”, you’ve got.




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