在职研英语:苏格兰独立10理由 正方反方大PK(双语)

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You would like to get the opportunity to move more responsibilities to a more local Scottish Democracy instead of accept the fate of Westminster's plans? With all the powers moved to Scotland, we can make a fairer Scotland.



Some believe that sometimes things are just bigger than us. As a country with only 5 million residents, England seems more equipped to deal with the more difficult responsibilities, like defense and taxation. Although other small countries in Europe seem to thrive, the 'Scandinavian model' might not work for wee Scotland.




The Tories are in power in the UK, although the majority of Scots have chosen the opposition. The Scots are outnumbered ten to one, so whatever government the Scots will vote for in a UK General Election, it's highly unlikely that a Scottish Political Party will ever be part of a UK Government representing Scotland's needs. With the rising votes for UKIP in England, our goals towards a fair and harmonious society will diminish even further.



You are happy with a Tory Government or perhaps even a future UKIP Government at Westminster. You believe that the choices made by the UK Government in the past have been in the interest of Scotland. You also trust the Westminster's politicians to give Scotland more powers in the future.




We should stop building Nuclear Weapons in Scotland, it is unethical and morally wrong. Under "The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons" the UK expects all other countries to sign this agreement to disarm Nuclear Weapons, but has excluded itself. Under the treaty it continues to build more Nuclear Weapons in Scotland. If you believe in peace instead of war, let's stop building weapons of mass destruction and start caring for the people and the planet.



For some the world seems more threatening every day. You may find it true that by building Nuclear Weapons we are more able to protect ourselves against our common enemies. Britain has made the world a safer place with the wars of the past and showing its weapons of mass destruction.




Scotland's Oil reserves are vast. Most of the revenue and tax made from Oil goes directly to Westminster. There are claims that Scotland will be one of the wealthiest nations in Europe if we become independent.



The vast income and revenue from oil in the Scottish part of the North Sea is too much to spend for a small country as Scotland. We can easily share these resources and benefit both from the wealth and revenue.




Scotland has the resources and finances to become independent. One of the early myths created by the No Campaign has been debunked and even the Unionists agree that Scotland has what it takes to become independent and the Scottish people will be better off financially.



The EU doesn't seem beneficial for the UK and the UK may decide to withdraw from the EU altogether. The UK should become independent of the EU again. The EU doesn't have our interests at heart and we give more to the EU than we get back.




With an ever rising energy and electricity demand in Europe, Scotland could be one of the global leading suppliers. Scotland has many natural resources that allow sustainable energy for which more jobs are created. Furthermore when Scotland becomes Independent, many centralized services and offices, like Tax Offices, DVLA etc have to be set up in Scotland. This will create many jobs and jobs provide an income, which is good for the economy and beneficial for us all.



Does Scotland cost more than it generates? The UK Government is convinced that Scottish people are worse off financially after independence. It really seems they have our best interests at heart, because they are desperate to keep Scotland in the union even if it costs them so much money. They probably don't mind to financially support Scotland well into the future.




Not only will there be more jobs, the future Government already has plans for creating better Healthcare and improve the situation for Pensioners and people with children. We'll keep the minimum wages, scrap the bedroom tax, etc.



Some people are not sure what they would benefit from it personally. Although Independence may create more jobs, be better for Pensioners, people with children and people in need of better Healthcare, however some voters are still not sure if it would improve things for them as an individual.




The difference in wage in London compared to Scotland for example is huge. This gap is growing and with the current UK Government the richest only seem to get richer and the poor becoming poorer. With a smaller gap between the highest and lowest incomes, there will be less jealousy, greed and more happiness if we're have more equal wages.



Some people are scared how an Independent Scotland will change their day to day lives. Even if things improve and become better, the change itself feels overwhelming and daunting. Why vote for something that may happen? At least now we know what we have or don't have.




We love Scotland and we love England. Why should both countries suffer from having to compromise political decisions to please both sides? Let's respect each other and go our own way. In doing so, we'll become better friends and neighbours.



After countless of struggles, wars and disagreements between England and Scotland, both countries have finally been united since 1707 under the Acts of Union. Before that the two countries had already shared a monarch since the Union of the Crowns in 1603, when King James VI of Scotland inherited the English throne. Despite the cultural differences and different political views both countries should be kept united under 1 government.




Change is going to happen, whether you vote Yes or No. By voting NO for independence, you will have less control over the changes that are going to change, because the government who makes these decisions is still in Westminster. A No vote will be seen as an act of 'no confidence' in the current Scottish Government. A No vote may also be used by the UK government to withdraw powers from the Scottish Government. So by voting NO, not only will things be changing, things might be changing for worse.



Imagine Scotland had been an independent country today and we had a Referendum about uniting with England. Would you have voted Yes to be united with England? If the answer is Yes, then you've clearly made up your mind. You are a proud Unionist, who enjoys the fact of having a United Kingdom.




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