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  1) To begin with首先2) Generally speaking一般地说,总体上说3) First of all第一,首先4) With(the development/progress/growth)of(economy/society)… 随着(经济、社会)的(发展、进步、增长)……5) Recently近来2.常用于文章结尾的过渡词和句子。

  1) In conclusion最后,在结束时2) In brief简言之3) In a word总之4) It is high time that… 到……时候了5) It is only when… that… 只有当……才……3.常用于表示先后次序的过渡词语及句子1) first, second, third…第一,第二,第三2) To begin with…, moreover…, finally…,首先……,此外……,最后……3) Meanwhile同时4) since then自此之后5) Therefore因而4.常用于表示因果关系及分析原因的过渡词语与句子1) As a result由于…结果2) Due to由于3) consequently结果,因此4) One may criticize … for …,but the real cause of …lies deeper5) Among …reasons, one should be emphasized that…在众多的原因中,其中一点给予强调……5.常用于比较和对比的过渡词1) unlike… 与……不同2) In contrast… 与之相比3) On the other hand… 另一方面4) Likewise同样5) similarly同样掌握了以上过渡词及句型,相信大家在写作时应该不会没话说了吧。下面给大家提供一个写作的模板供大家参考:

  When it comes to ____话题____, opinions vary/differ from person to person. Some people claim that ____正面观点/一种观点____ is superior to ____反面观点/另一种观点____ in many ways. First, ____理由一____. Secondly, ____理由二____. Last but not least, ____理由三___.

  Nevertheless, other people argue that the opposite/reverse is true. /Other people believe that ____另一种观点____enjoys more advantages. For one thing, ____理由一____.For another, ____理由____.

  From what has been discussed above, I personally think ____第一/第二种观点____carries more weight than ____第二/一种观点____since____概括理由____.


  Shopping on the Net 网上购物Directions:

  A. Time limit : 40 minutesB. Word Limit: no less than 150 wordsC. Your composition should be based on the Outline given in Chinese below:


  Recently, shopping on the Net is gradually becoming popular in modern cities. To illustrate, we can conduct E-business, advertise our products, book an air ticket, buy and sell stocks, even hunt a job on the web. However, people take different attitudes towards the new way of shopping.

  Some people who prefer shopping on the virtual shopping centers hold that the new way of shopping has many advantages. First, the web-stores can keep customers updated about the best selling products. Besides, they can provide customers with a wider range of choices. Most important of all, it is very convenient and time-saving. People can stay at home shopping whatever they want online.

  However, others who stick to shopping in the real-life stores have their reasons. First, they argue that it’s a little bit complicated to pay on the Web. Besides, they think that customers can never believe the quality of the commodities unless they see them with their own eyes. Finally, they believe the best way to be on guard against the fake and poor quality commodities is to shop in the traditional way. Therefore, they don’t show any interest in shopping online. (However, more and more people will prefer shopping on the Web. And it’s believed that it will eventually be a trend of shopping in the 21st century.)---可加可不加1、金融危机下,找工作越来越难2、你如何保持自己在职场的不败之地It seems that the financial crisis has made it more and more difficult for people for find a good job. Meanwhile (At the same time), it becomes even harder for us to keep our positions, because there are more applicants available.

  So, how can we make us always successful in our career? In my perspective, there are at least three ways, which are compatible with the current situation. Above all, we should recharge ourselves through various methods, such as training and part-time education. It is notable that this method has been holding an increasingly significant proportion. Then, we should maintain good interpersonal relationship. This belief is reinforced by a recent survey which shows that 60% of adults, more or less, the beneficiaries of the consequence. Last but not least, we should stay in touch with update information happening in our career. Although there are some other measures to help us, I think the above mentioned are commonly acceptable. (讲义 P 18图表题模板第二段最后一句话,可要可不要)From what we discussed above, a conclusion could be safely drawn: only with the Only with the right attitude and effective approaches, can the promising future be achieved.








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