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 Part V Error Detection(10 minutes,5 points)

  Directions:In this part,there are 10 sentences.Each sentence has 4 underlined words or phrases marked A,B,C,and D.Identify the one underlined word orphrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct.Mark the corresponding letter with a single bar across the square brackets on your machine-scoring ANSWER SHEET.

  71.When I heard the principal called my name,I walked to the front to receive my diploma.

  A B C D


  讲解:hear sb. do/doing

  72.Many a mall has made a fortune and then have no idea what to do with it.

  A B C D


  讲解:主谓一致 had made…and then has/has had

  73. When she arrived,I was pretty fed up,because I waited since eight o'clock.

  A B C D


  讲解:时态 有since短语做时间状语,句子用完成时

  74.Learners cannot assimilate information that is presented to him at a higher level of abstraction

  A B C

  than that at which they feel comfortable.




  75.As you know that you must check in at least 30 minutes before takeoff for most flights.

  A B C D


  讲解:as you know 没有主句

  Takeoff是名词 起飞时间

  76. After attracting more than a million marchers—four times of the size of the

  A B

  historical 1963 March on Washington-the 2004 March for Women’s Life became the largest mass


  demonstration in history.



  讲解:four times the size of

  77.Although well receiving by business leaders,the book is not meant to whitewash any

  A B C

  of the miscalculations and shortsighted decisions of some corporate bosses.




  78.Sefiously, though,there’S always something you wish you have not done ,but what is done

  A B C D

  cannot be undone.


  讲解:have not had done, 虚拟语气

  79.Comparing money with friends,I prefer the latter more,for real friends are not

  A B C

  easy to come by,and we must value their real friendship.




  Prefer 更喜欢,不需要more,语意重复

  to like someone or something more than someone or something else, so that you would choose it if you could

  80.Breaking up water into hydrogen and oxygen is a good example of as is known as

  A B C

  a chemical change.



  讲解:what, 从句缺少主语

  Paper Two

  Part I Translation (30minutes,20points)

  Section A

  Directions:Translate the following passage into Chinese,Write your translation on the


  Engineers are developing a new type of Internet connection that could carry so much data so quickly it might surprise even Net surfers. This technology would open up a route through which data can be sent at speeds thousands of times faster than what’s possible now. If all goes to plan,the vast data speeds may soon be available to all. That might help solve the problem of how to handle the enormous growth in Internet traffic.The technology would require some new software and fiber-optic links to the PC,but otherwise no change in basic facilities.

  工程师们正在开发一种全新的互联网连接(技术),它可以在很短的时间内传输大量的数据,以至于这很可能给上网冲浪者带来意外惊喜. 这项技术可能打开一条通道, 通过这条通道,数据传输速度是现行网络技术传输速度的上千倍。如果这项开发得以实现,巨额的传输速度很快可以对所有人全面开放使用。 那就可能有助于解决网络通讯传输中数据膨胀,拥挤的难题. 这项技术将需要新的软件和光纤与个人电脑的连接。然而在别的方面 ,对于基础设备无需做其他改动。


  Directions:Translate thefollowing passage into English.Write your translation on the ANSWER SHEET.




  Nowadays with the rapid economic development, there grows enormous pressure in the supply of energy sources. Obviously, this situation has solid relationship with the present stage of economy and social development in our country. However, no matter which phase we are developing at, we will definitely be punished if consuming too much energy, and then face energy shortage, pollution and Ecological damage problems afterwards.

  PartII Writing(30 minutes,15 points)

  Directions:In thispart,you are to write within 30 minutes a composition of no less than 150 words on Self-confidence Is a Key to Success.You could follow the clues suggested by the picture given below. Remember to write the composition clearly on the ANSWER SHEET.

  Enrolled in Harvard as a genius, quit from Harvard at the third year as a crazy man, became a billionaire in his first thirty… Bill Gates showed such an example of how to make success by self-confidence. As far as I concerned, self-confidence is truly the fundamental element of being successful for giving people the courage to face difficulties, and for making people to be self-made person which is a necessary feature of shrewd business man.

  Giving people the courage to face difficulties is a very significant factor because it happens that we do have problems in doing something, maybe big problems and we are feared to keep going, we want to quit. However, I just want to say that’s why we need confidence, and why we are divided to different part, successful and unsuccessful.

  Equally important is self-confidence could make people to be self-made person. Whenever facing difficulties, self-made person could always find a way out, they could always solve problems independently, and they could always encourage their teammates and bring them energy.

  Eventually, I would like to use a sentence in the movie Shawshenk Redemption to end my statement “you know some birds are not meant to caged, their feathers are too bright.” and I really believe it can be a conclusion of my point – Self-confident is a key to success.



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