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  Paper One试卷一

  Part I Dialogue Communication(10 minutes,10 points)

  Section A Dialogue Completion

  Directions:In this section,you will read 5 short incomplete dialogues between two speakers,each followed by 4 choices marked A,B,C,and D.Choose the answer that best suits the situation to complete the dialogue by marking the corresponding letter with a single bar across the square brackets on your machine-scoring ANSWER SHEET.

  1.A:Bob,would you mind turning down the TV a little? I'm talking on the phone,and I'm having a hard time hearing.


  A.Please forgive me.

  B.Oh,sure! I'm sorry about that.

  C.You should have told me earlier.

  D.I’m sorry to hear about it.



  2.A:Hi,I'm your neighbor in 405,next door I'm Sunny Chan.


  A.I moved here about a week ago.

  B.Hope we could become good neighbors.

  C.Hi!Evervone here seems very friendly.

  D.Jill Kingston.Nice to meet you.



  3.A:Could you run me over to the office? I'm late. My clock must be slow.


  A.Yes,never mind.I would rather give you a lift.

  B.All right.But you should buy a new clock.

  C.It’S my pleasure.May I help you fix your clock,too?

  D.Yeah,I'll be glad to drop you off on my way to work.




  drop off

  [transitive] to take someone by car to a place and leave them there, especially on your way to another place

  Just drop me here - I can walk the rest of the way.

  4.A:I’m sorry.He’s not in his office.


  A.Are you Sure he will be back soon?

  B.Would you like to leave a message?

  C.Can you take a message for me?

  D.Shall I call him sometime later?


  讲解:这是一个打电话的场景。A说,不好意思,他不在办公室。B于是说,您能帮我捎话吗?D看似有道理,但是不如C更好。什么时候给他打电话,不是关键,关键是找到他或者把有关信息告诉他。I'm sorry, she's out right now, can I take a message (for you)?

  5.A:Do you mind if I take off my jacket?


  A.Ofcourse not,make yourself at home.

  B.Oh,it’s very kind of you to do so.

  C.I’ll be happy if I can be of any help.

  D.Yes,it’s pretty warm in here.


  讲解:Do you mind句型,介意是Yes,不介意是No/Not

  Section B Dialogue Comprehension

  Directions:In this section,you will read 5 Short conversations between a man and a woman.At the end of each conversation there is a question followed by 4 chocices marked A,B,C,and D.Choose the best answer to the question from the 4 choices by marking the corresponding letter with a single bar across the square brackets on your machine-scoring ANSWER SHEET.

  6.Man:Bob and Sue seem never discipline their daughter. She’s real nuts.

  Woman:They are kept in the dark about their daughter’S behavior at school.

  Question:What can we learn about Bob and Sue’S daughter?

  A.She likes to eat nuts.

  B.She is self-disciplined.

  C.She behaves badly at school.

  D.She enjoys leaving her parents in the dark.




  1. Nuts: crazy

  Are you nuts?

  I'm going to go nuts (=become crazy) if I don't find a new job soon.

  Turn that radio off. It's driving me nuts (=annoying me very much) .

  2. in the dark

  knowing nothing about something important, because you have not been told about it

  We're in the dark just as much as you are.

  7.Woman:Now,Richard,would you care to explain how the answers to the test questions appeared on your desk?

  Man:I call’t,Professor Harley.Someone must have left them on my desk.

  Question:What is the man’s problem?

  A.He is suspected of cheating

  B.He left the answers on his desk.

  C.He doesn’t know how to explain.

  D.He didn’t know the answers to the questions.



  8. Woman:Don’t forget to drop me a line when you settle down.

  Man:I won’t.I’ll keep you posted.

  Question:What does the man mean?

  A.He’ll write to the woman.

  B.He’ll tell the woman his new address.

  C.He’ll visit the woman once in a while.

  D.He’ll chat with the woman on the phone.



  1. drop somebody a line/note

  to write a short letter to someone

  Drop us a line to let us know how you're getting on.

  2. keep somebody posted (on sth.)

  spoken to regularly tell someone the most recent news about something

  I'll keep you posted on his progress.

  9.Man:Betty, how was your trip to the museum with Tom this afternoon?

  Woman:Don’t ask me.

  Question:What does the woman mean?

  A.Something about the museum interested her.

  B.Something was wrong with the trip.

  C.She doesn’t know anything about the museum.

  D.She doesn’t want to answer the man’s question.


  讲解:女士的回答Don’t ask me.表示有难言之隐,trip, museum都是表面信息,Betty应该下午和Tom不太愉快,这才是关键。

  10.Man:Hey,Mary.I WaS invited to be a judge for the Miss America Beauty Contest.

  Woman:Oh,really? Come on,you're pulling my leg.

  Question:What does the woman mean?

  A.She has no chance to win.

  B.The man is encouraging her.

  C.She’ll attend the contest.

  D.The man is trying to fool her.




  pull somebody's leg

  to tell someone something that is not true, as a joke

  I haven't won, have I? You're pulling my leg.


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