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Part 1 Oral Communication (15 minutes 10 points)

(1) A. (2)C. (3) B.

(4) C. (5) B. (6) A.

(7)C (8)D (9) A (10) B

Part II Vocabulary (10 minutes, 10 points)

11. C 12. B 13. D 14. A 15. B

16.C 17. D 18. A 19. D 20. C

Part III Reading Comprehension (45 minutes, 25 points)

21-25 B B D B C

26-30 B D A C A

31-35 C B A D C

36-40 C C A D D

41-45 B C A A D

Part IV Cloze (10 minutes, 10 points)

46-50 A A A D C

51-55 C B B C D

Part V: Text Completion (20 minutes, 20 points)

56 -58 B A C

59-61 C A C

62-64 C A B

65-67 A C B

68-71 D B A C

72-75 B A C D

Part VI Translation (20 minutes, 10 points)




PartⅡ Writing (30 minutes, 15 points)

The Possibility of Using Mobile Phone to Study English (or Any Other Subject)

As modern technology is making mobile phones more and more “intelligent”, they tend to become handy tools to obtain information from a vast variety of on-line resources. So it becomes increasingly possible for us to use them as convenient tools to study English.

When you need to improve your spoken English, you can download conversations, movies or even live English programs wherever there is Wi-Fi service. If you feel like learning writing skills, you could also surge on line for amazing passages which take you on a trip of skillful writings in English. In case that you should study English for academic advancement, you will find mobile phones equally powerful. It makes it available for you to have a person-to-person conversation with your professor, who is currently visiting another country, on your paper for modern literature!

So it is without any doubt that mobile phones are becoming attractive gadgets, if properly used, for people who want to study English or any other subject. As they become smarter and ever more handy, there is much potentiality that they might one day take the place of computer or even classroom for our future study!

Part VI Translation(10 points)





Nowadays more and more people have begun to learn with cellphone.This phenomenon has aroused immediate concern and widespread discussion among the general public. From my perspective, learning with cellphone is of utmost ability and far-reaching significance for our modern people.

As a matter of fact, some aspects of its possibility can be illustrated below. The first one that comes to my mind readily is that cellphone can save massive informations which may equal to hundreds of books according to the size of hardware.That’s also the reason why almost all young people are busy with the phones in the subway.What’s more, recent years cellphones are all accessible to the webs.So everything useful can be downloaded directly into the phones.Besides,cellphone is the lightest tool with so much contents inside.This will be more obvious with the development of technology.

From what has been under discussion above, I strongly believe that learning with cellphone is possible and benefits modern people as a whole. Therefore, we should pay much attention to the function of this aspect.Especially those useful softwares and websites.Only in this way can we make full use of phones and be more knowledgeable.



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