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Paper One试卷一(90 minutes)

Part Ⅰ Dialogue Communication(10minutes,10 points)

Section A Dialogue Completion

Direction:In this section,you will read five short incomplete dialogues between two speakers,each followed by four choices marked A,B,C,and D. Choose the best answer that best suits the situation to complete the dialogue by marking the corresponding letter with a single bar across the square brackets on your machine-scoring ANSWER SHEET.

1. A:Sorry to bother you,but could you tell me the way to Sunset Road?


A. Sorry,I couldn’t help. B. Yes,what can I do for you?

C. I’m afraid I have no idea. D. It’s not too far from here,is it?

2. A:Do you do exercises every day?


A. No,it depends on what kind of exercise.

B. No,I go to health club most of the time.

C. Yes,usually every other day.

D. Yes,rain or shine.

3. A:That was a delicious meal,Mrs. Barr. Thank you very much.


A. You’re welcome. B. Never mind.

C. It doesn’t matter. D. It’s just OK.

4. A:I have a last favor to ask of you. Could you drive my daughter to the airport?


A. Shall I get the ticket for her. B. Yeah,I like that.

C. You bet I will. D. Sure, it’d be a pleasure.

5. A:May I see the dentist now?


A. Is it a real emergency?

B. Do you have an appointment?

C. In that case,you’ll have to wait.

D. I’ll talk to the dentist and squeeze you in.

Section B Dialogue Comprehension

Direction:In this section,you will read five short conversations between a man and a woman,At the end of each conversation there is a question followed by four choices marked A,B,C,and D. Choose the best answer to the question from the four choices by marking the corresponding letter with a single bar across the square brackets on your machine-scoring ANSWER SHEET.

6. Man:I’m going to ask the neighbors to turn the music down. I can’t hear myself think.

Woman:Do you really think it makes my difference to them?

Question:What does the woman mean?

A. He should have told them earlier. B. It is of no use to turn the music down.

C. The neighbors will not listen to him. D. He should focus on his own thinking.

7. Man:What shall we take for the rap?

Woman:We’d better take the bare necessities.

Question:What does the woman suggest?

A. They should take as little as possible.

B. They should take their daily necessities.

C. They should take as much as they can.

D. They should take nothing with them.

8. Woman:We are going to go away on vacation ... Can you hear me?

Man:I’m all ears.

Question:What does the man mean?

A. He is listening attentively. B. He couldn’t care less.

C. He likes the woman’s idea. D. He is against the woman’s plan.

9. Woman:I’m really behind with my project. Can you help me?

Man:I’m afraid you bit off more than you could chew!

Question:What does the man mean?

A. He is not willing to help the woman.

B. The woman is unable to do the project.

C. The woman is doing more than she can manage.

D. He is not in a position to help the woman.

10. Woman:There’s Bill on his motorcycle again. Did he get it fixed in the garage?

Man:Don’t be silly. That would have been a waste of money. It only had a flat tire.

Question:What does the man imply?

A. The woman was so silly as to waste much money.

B. It was costly to have the motorcycle fixed in the garage.

C. Bill must have repaired my motorcycle himself.

D. There was a serious problem with the motorcycle.

Part Ⅱ Vocabulary(10 minutes,10 points)

Section A

Direction:In this section there are ten sentences,each with one word or phrase underlined. Choose the one from the four choices marked A,B,C and D that best keeps the meaning of the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter with a single bar across the square brackets on your machine-scoring ANSWER SHEET.

11. Readers are required to abide by the rules of the library and mind their manners.

A. observe B. memorize C. review D. compose

12. The coach explained the regulations at length to make sure that none of his players would become violators.

A. at last B. at large C. in detail D. in short

13. The cost of healthcare and health insurance remains the most urgent health problem facing the country today.

A. pressing B. important C. neglected D. complicated

14. She believes that she is not a good mother because she does not fit the stereotype of a woman who spends all her time with her children.

A. popular image B. common standard

C. fixed conception D. pleasant notion

15. Thus the most logical approach is to focus our analysis on the trade relations of Spain with other European countries.

A. reasoning B. conclusion C. position D. method

16. We no longer keep up the close friendship of a few years ago though we still visit each other on occasion.

A. in good time B. up to date

C. now and then D. once and for all

17. The university offered several more courses for the purpose of furthering the career aspirations of its students.

A. ambitions B. achievements C. advantages D. advances

18. Many women prefer to use cosmetics to enhance their beauty and make them look younger.

A. enforce B. magnify C. improve D. polish

19. The leaders of the two countries are planning their summit meeting with a pledge to maintain and develop good ties.

A. strategy B. standpoint C. promise D. priority

20. Many youngsters have heard their parents say,“You’ll never amount to anything if you keep daydreaming that way!”

A. be equal to B. accomplish C. add up to D. pursue

Section B

21. Two decades ago a woman who shook hands with men on her own _____ was usually viewed as too forward.

A. endeavor B. initiative C. motivation D. preference

22. The fruit_____ more than half the country’s annual exports according to a recent report.

A. accounts for B. stands for C. provides for D. makes for

23. The violent_____ f his youth reappeared and was directed not only at the army but at his wife as well.

A. impatience B. character C. temper D. quality

24. This hypothesis states that environments that are too clean may actually make the_____ system develop oversensitive responses.

A. mental B. nervous C. immune D. physical

25. The Adult Vocational College is an opportunity to gain the right qualifications for various careers for it offers an_____ range of subjects and courses.

A. additional B. excessive C. adequate D. extensive

26. It’s disturbing to note how many of the crimes we do know about were detected _____ not by systematic inspections or other security procedures.

A. by accident B. on schedule C. in general D. at intervals

27. You can always_____ Jim in a crisis,for he is simply the most helpful person I’ve ever known.

A. refer to B. count on C. cope with D. run into

28. He wanted to stay at home,but at last he agreed,very_____,though,to go to the concert.

A. decisively B. reluctantly C. willingly D. deliberately

29. The audience,hostile at first,were greatly_____ by her excellent performance.

A. annoyed B. encouraged C. impressed D. depressed

30. Many birds and insects can build_____ nests to provide shelter for their young.

A. glories B. elaborate C. splendid D. advanced

Part Ⅲ Reading Comprehension(45minutes,25points)

Directions:There are five passages in this part. Each passage is followed by five questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A,B,C and D. Choose the best one and mark the corresponding letter with a single bar across the square brackets on your machine-scoring ANSWER SHEET.

Passage One

At all ages and at all stages of life,fear presents a problem to almost everyone.“We are largely the playthings of our fears,”wrote the British author Horace Walpole many years ago.“To one,fear of the dark;to another,of physical pain;to a third,of public ridicule;to a fourth,of poverty;to a fifth,of loneliness—for all of us our particular creature waits in a hidden place.”

Fear is often a useful emotion. When you become frightened,many physical changes occur within your body. Your heartbeat and responses quicken;your pupils expand to admit more light;large quantities of energy-producing adrenalin(肾上腺素)are poured into your bloodstream. Confronted with a fire or accident,fear can fuel life-saving flight(逃离). Similarly,when a danger is psychological rather than physical,fear can force you to take self-protective measures. It is only when fear is disproportional to the danger at hand that it becomes a problem.

Some people are simply more vulnerable to fear than others. A visit to the newborn nursery of any large hospital will demonstrate that,from the moment of their births,a few fortunate infants respond calmly to sudden fear-producing situations such as a loudly slammed door. Yet a neighbor in the next bed may cry out with profound fright. From birth,he or she is more prone to learn fearful responses because he or she has inherited a tendency to be more sensitive.

Further,psychologists know that our early experiences and relationships strongly shape and determine our later fears. A young man named Bill,for example,grew up with a father who regarded each adversity as a temporary obstacle to be overcome with imagination and courage. Using his father as a model,Bill came to welcome adventure and to trust his own ability to solve problems.

Phil’s dad,however,spent most of his time trying to protect himself and his family. Afraid to risk the insecurity of a job change,he remained unhappy in one position. He avoided long vacations because“the car might break down.”Growing up in such a home,Phil naturally learned to become fearful and tense.

31. In the last sentence of Paragraph 1,“our particular creature”refers to .

A. fear of something B. a fierce beast

C. physical pain D. public ridicule

32. Fear can be useful emotion to us because it can .

A. stimulate many physical changes within our body

B. quicken our heartbeat and responses

C. pour large quantities of adrenaline into our bloodstream

D. help us respond quickly to danger and protect ourselves

33. Fear becomes a problem only when .

A. the danger is thought greater than it really is

B. the danger is more psychological than physical

C. one cannot stand the danger

D. one is not well prepared for it

34. Different responses of newborn infants to a loudly slammed door imply that .

A. some people are inherently more easily affected by danger

B. people’s response to stimuli is not an inherited feature

C. some people seem to be very sensitive to noise

D. people sometimes seem to turn a deaf ear to noise

35. Psychologists have found that our later fears are determined largely by our .

A. home education B. school education

C. parents’ lifestyle D. early experiences

Passage Two

Sea horses are unusual parents. The female sea horses lay the eggs,but unlike other creatures,it’s the males that give birth to the young.

Male sea horse have a fold of skin on their bellies that forms a pocket,called a brood pouch. During the breeding season,the sea horse’s pouch swells to receive eggs. A female sea horse lays up to 200 eggs at a time in the pouch. Then she swims off,leaving her male partner to care for the developing eggs and give birth to young sea horses. The female will return every day to check on her mate and the eggs,but she doesn’t stay long,nor does she take part in the birth.

It takes from two to six weeks for the eggs in the male’s pouch to develop. During this time the male avoids open water and hides in sea grass. His big pouch makes it difficult for him to swim,so the male often uses his tail to grasp a piece of sea grass. Firmly,gripping the grass,he will stay perfectly still for hours or even days. The male sea horse will change his color to blend with his surroundings and avoid being seen by predators who will try to eat him or poke holes in his pouch to get the eggs.

The eggs hatch inside the male’s pouch. When the babies begin moving around,the male sea horse knows it’s time for them to be born. He grabs a sea grass stem with his tail and begins rocking,bending,and stretching his body back and forth. This causes the opening to enlarge until it is wide enough for the first baby sea horse to shoot out. The father sea horse continues rocking,bending,and stretching his body so that the rest of the babies can be born. Sometimes he has to press his pouch against a rock or some stiff seaweed to force the young out.

Sea horse babies are born in groups of five or more. Sometimes it takes two days for the father sea horse to give birth to all his young. He is very tired when it’s over.

Soon after giving birth to one brood,the male will approach his mate and show her his empty pouch. This tells her he is ready to receive eggs again.

36. What part does the female sea horse play in having babies?

A. Receiving eggs. B. Laying eggs.

C. Hatching eggs. D. Protecting eggs.

37. What can be learned from the passage about giving birth to baby sea horses?

A. It is dangerous for the female. B. It happens once a year.

C. It is hard work for the male. D. It occurs in the deep sea.

38. To protect himself and his eggs,the male sea horse does all the following EXCEPT .

A. changing his color B. gripping a piece of grass

C. staying motionless D. enlarging his pouch

39. The author suggests when sea horse babies are ready to be born .

A. the male sea horse seems very happy

B. it is difficult for them to come out

C. the female sea horse joins the male

D. they need large space in the pouch

40. Which fact does the author want the reader to remember most?

A. The male sea horse gives birth to the young.

B. The female sea horse lays up to 200 eggs at a time.

C. Baby sea horse are born in groups of five or more.

D. The female will return every day to check on the eggs.

Passage Three

When 23-year-old Eric Atienza graduated from college last year,he didn’t have a job. Not wanting to give up his apartment and move back with his parents,he did what many young Americans are doing:he signed up with a temp agency,which places workers on short-term jobs. Temporary workers such as Atienza comprise 20 percent of the US workforce. In 1985,417000 workers were classified as temporary help. In 2005,there are more than 2.5 million,according to Labour Department data.

Using temporary workers allows companies to increase or decrease the number of staff as their workloads change. It also allows companies to avoid the costs involved in hiring and firing long-term employees.

Many temp agency owners and career specialists say temping is a good way for recent graduates to get experience.“Short-term jobs let graduates try out different companies to find the best fit,”said Pegi Wheatley,owner of McCall Staffing,a San Francisco temp agency.

But things don’t always work out that way.“When I started temping,I had this notion that a temporary job could turn full-time. It worked for a friend of mine,but that didn’t happen for me,”said Atienza,who quickly became bored with his office work. Atienza stayed with the temp agency because he could earn US $ 10 an hour doing office work. Other short-term jobs,such as working as a store clerk or in a café,pay about US $ 7.

But there were trade-offs for the higher pay. Because in the US,health insurance is provided through employer,most temps are not eligible for workplace health benefits. Atienza ran the risk that an accident or illness would land him in the hospital with no way to pay the bill. Other drawbacks,though less serious,still mean that temping for most graduates is exactly what its name implies—a temporary choice. Instability,gaps between contracts,lack of vacation time and isolation from other employees are often-cited negatives.

“Temping gave me the time to figure out what I wanted to do,because I could pay off my bills. But none of that came from the jobs themselves,”said Atienza,who quit temping last month in favor of a full-time job.

41. Atienza took a short-term job mainly because .

A. he didn’t want to give up his apartment B. he liked to try out different companies

C. he wanted to get more experience D. he couldn’t find a long-term job

42. According to the passage,in the year of 2005,the United States had a workforce of more than .

A. 25 million B. 12.5 million C. 4.17 million D. 2.5 million

43. Which is NOT mentioned as an advantage of temping?

A. It gives recent graduates experience.

B. It enables employers to adjust their workforce.

C. A temporary job will turn full-time.

D. Employers can reduce their costs.

44. Atinenza stayed with the temp agency for some time because______.

A. he liked his office work B. he was satisfied with the pay

C. his employer provided health insurance D. he hated gaps between contracts

45. What does the word“trade-offs”in Paragraph five mean?

A. Benefits B. Compromises C. Risks D. Disadvantages

Passage Four

Scientists are hoping to eliminate malaria(疟疾)by developing a genetically modified mosquito that cannot transmit the disease. Malaria has long troubled the populations of South America,Africa,and Asia,where mosquito bites infect up to 500 million people a year with this serious and sometimes fatal parasitic blood disease. For generations,scientists have been trying to eliminate malaria by developing new drugs and using pesticide(杀虫剂)to wipe out local mosquito populations. But these measures aren’t working—and some scientists,like Greg Lanzaro,say that because of drug resistance and population changes,malaria is actually more prevalent now than it was 20 years ago. Lanzaro says he has a better way to stop the spread of malaria:genetically modifying mosquitoes so they are unable to carry the disease.

Lanzaro and his colleagues are planning a multi-year project to produce malaria-resistant mosquitoes—and he thinks they can do it within five years.“We can get foreign genes into mosquitoes and they go where they’re supposed to go,”Lanzaro says,pointing out that scientists have already succeeded in genetically engineering mosquitoes that cannot transmit malaria to birds and mice. And,he says,scientists are quickly making progress on genes that block transmission of the disease to humans as well.

The most difficult part scientifically,Lanzaro says,is figuring out how to get the lab-engineered mosquitoes to spread their genes into natural populations after all,he points out,it’s useless to engineer mosquitoes in the lab that can’t transmit malaria when there are millions out in the wild that can. To solve this problem,Lanzaro wants to load up a mobile piece of DNA with the malaria-resistant gene,and then insert it into a group of mosquito embryos. The malaria-resistant gene would be integrated directly into the mosquitoes’ DNA,making it impossible for those mosquitoes to transmit the parasite that causes malaria. In this way a small group of lab-raised mosquitoes could be released into the wild,and by interbreeding with wild mosquitoes,eventually transmit the beneficial gene to the entire population.

46. One reason for malaria to be more widespread now is that .

A. more people have moved to malaria-infected areas

B. mosquitoes have become resistant to pesticides

C. genetically modified mosquitoes still transmit the disease

D. mosquitoes bite as many as 500 million people a year

47. Lanzaro is hopeful that in a few year man can .

A. start to eliminate malaria B. cure parasitic blood diseases

C. prevent mice form transmitting parasites D. acquire immunity against malaria

48. Lanzaro is confident that scientists can block the transmissions of malaria to humans because .

A. natural mosquito populations do not change

B. scientists have succeeded with birds and mice

C. foreign genes always go where they are required

D. lab-raised mosquitoes will not be resistant to drugs

49. What is the most difficult part of Lanzaro’s project?

A. Spreading malaria-resistant genes into natural mosquito populations.

B. Raising malaria-resistant mosquitoes.

C. Making genes that block the transmission of malaria.

D. Identifying malaria-resistant genes.

50. According to the passage,a fundamental way to wipe out malaria is to .

A. develop new malaria-resistant drugs

B. produce effective pesticides to kill mosquitoes

C. change the genetic makeup of mosquitoes

D. remove people from malaria-infected areas

Passage Five

According to Scott Adams,creator of the comic strip(系列漫画)Dilbert,the annual performance review is“one of the most frightening and weakening experiences in every employee’s life. Adam’s stories and comic figures poke fun at the workplace,but his characterization of people’s feelings about the annual performance review has its serious side. Although a recent study of 437 companies indicates that effective annual performance reviews can help raise profits,most employees of those companies hate them.

In theory,annual performance reviews are constructive and positive interactions between managers and employees working together to attain maximum performance and strengthen the organization. In reality,they often create division,undermine morale,and spark anger and jealousy. Thus,although the object of the annual performance review is to improve performance,it often has the opposite result. A programmer at an IT firm was stunned to learn at her annual performance review that she was denied a promotion because she wasn’t a“team player”. What were the data used to make this judgment?She didn’t smile in the company photo.

Although this story might sound as if it came straight out of Dilbert,it is a true account of one woman’s experience. By following a few ideas and guidelines from industry analysis,this kind of ordeal can be avoided:

To end the year with a positive and useful performance review,managers and employees must start the year by working together to establish clear goals and expectations.

It may be helpful to allow employees to propose a list of people associated with the company who will be in a good position to assess their performance at the end of the year;these people may be co-workers,suppliers,or even customers.

Goals should be measurable but flexible,and everyone should sign off on the plan.

By checking employees’ progress at about nine months,managers can give them a chance to correct mistakes and provide guidance to those who need it before the year is out.

When conducting the review,managers should highlight strengths and weaknesses during the past year and discuss future responsibilities,avoiding punishment or blame.

In short,when employees leave their performance reviews,they should be focusing on what they can do better in the year ahead,not worrying about what went into their files about the past.

51. In his comic strip Dilbert,Scott Adams .

A. make fun of working people B. tells a story about as woman employee

C. promote team spirit among co-workers D. mocks annual performance reviews

52. All the following are mentioned as the drawbacks of annual performance reviews EXCEPT


A. reducing efficiency B. creating tension

C. undermining morale D. inducing anger

53. The word“ordeal”Paragraph 3 probably refers to .

A. likelihood of promotion B. depressive experience

C. poor performance D. unrealistic expectation

54. The annual performance reviews,to be effective,must focus on .

A. making employees aware of their company’s future goals

B. involving employees in assessing their own performance

C. encouraging employees to achieve better future performance

D. highlighting what responsibilities employees have failed in

55. The general attitude of the author toward Adam’s comic strip Dilbert is .

A. negative B. positive C. neutral D. unclear

Part Ⅳ Cloze Test(15 minutes,15 points)

Directions:In this part,there is a passage with fifteen blanks. For each blank there are four choices marked A,B,C and D. Choose the best answer for each blank and mark the corresponding letter with a single bar across the square brackets on your machine-scoring ANSWER SHEET.

Advertising is a form of selling. For thousands of years there have been individuals who have tried to 56 others to buy the food they have produced or the goods they have made or the services they can 57 .

But in the 19th century,the mass production of goods 58 the Industrial Revolution made person-to-person selling inefficient. The mass distribution of goods that 59 the development of the railway and highway made person-to-person selling too slow and expensive. At the same time,mass communication,firstnewspapers and magazines,then radio and television,made mass selling through 60 possible.

The objective of any advertisement is to convince people that it is in their best 61 to take the action the advertiser is recommending. The action 62 be to purchase a product,use a service,vote for a political candidate,or even to join the Army.

Advertising as a 63 developed first and most rapidly in the United States,the country that uses it to the greatest 64 . In 1980 advertising expenditures in the U.S. exceeded 55 billion dollars or 65 2 percent of the gross national product. Canada spent about 1.2 percent of its gross national product 66 advertising.

67 advertising brings the economics of mass selling to the manufacturer,it produces benefits for the consumer 68 . Some of those economies are passed along to the purchaser so that the cost of a product sold primarily through advertising is usually far 69 than one sold through personal salespeople. Advertising brings people immediate news about products that have just come on the market. Finally,advertising 70 for the programs on commercial television and radio and for about two thirds of the cost of publishing magazine and newspapers.

56. A. request B. oblige C. affect D. persuade

57. A. transfer B. secure C. enjoy D. perform

58. A. resulting from B. dealing with C. leading to D. going for

59. A. followed B. preceded C. achieved D. induced

60. A. marketing B. advertising C. salespeople D. agents

61. A. profits B. benefits C. interests D. gains

62. A. should B. would C. may D. will

63. A. business B. service C. product D. profession

64. A. amount B. extent C. possibility D. utility

65. A similarly B. supposedly C. approximately D. accountably

66. A. with B. at C. into D. on

67. A. While B. Therefore C. But D. If

68. A. as well B. as usual C. as a result D. as a rule

69. A. more B. less C. cheaper D. dearer

70. A. works B. calls C. looks D. pays

Part Ⅴ Error Detection(10 minutes,5 points)

Directions:In this section,there are ten sentences. Each sentence has four underlined words or phrases marked A,B,C and D. Identify the part of the sentence that is incorrect. Mark the corresponding letter with a single bar across the square brackets on your machine-scoring ANSWER SHEET.

71. During the dinner we had agreeable conversation—nothing extraordinary—but catching up


on recent events of each other’s life.


72. Because of the injured people laying on the ground below the window,fire fighters were


unable to place ground ladders up to the windows on the northeast side of the building.


73. You’d better hurry up if you want to buy something because there’s hardly nothing left.


74. A professional wine taste relies on sight,smell and tasting to determine the quality of a wine.


75. Sam used to live in Oklahoma,but his company had him transfer to a better position in



76. Not too many years ago,it was an excited experience to travel 25 or 50 miles away from



77. It is perhaps not an exaggeration to say that we shall soon be trusting our health,wealth,and


happiness to elements with whom very names the general public are unfamiliar.


78. China has established three nature reserves to protect the rare species,covering a total of more


than 600000 sq km,an area 40 times of the size of Beijing.


79. It aims to establish a minimum list of standards that ought to include in all codes of conduct


covering labor practices.


80. I saw that the last update was made in January of 2002,so I wondered that the webmaster had


abandoned the site.


Paper Two试卷二(60 minutes)

Part Ⅰ Translation(30 minutes,20 points)

Section A

Directions:Translate the following passage into Chinese. Write your translation on the ANSWER SHEET.

One of the chief concerns of wildlife management is the protection and improvement of the natural habitat so that animals have enough food and water to survive. Wildlife management involves care of the soil to produce good vegetation;it also involves care of plants,not only as a source of food,but also as protection. Animals need cover to hide from their natural enemies and to raise their young safely.

Just as crops are harvested,wildlife too must sometimes be“harvested”. By allowing limited hunting,good management can control certain species that threaten to overpopulate their habitat.

Section B

Directions:Translate the following passage into English. Write your translation on the ANSWER SHEET.



Part Ⅱ Writing(30 minutes,15 points)

Directions:In this part,you are to write a composition of no less than 150 words about “College Graduates Work as Village Officials”. You should write according to the outline given below. Please remember to write it clearly on the ANSWER SHEET.

Some college graduates choose to work as village officials.

1. Do you think it is a good idea?

2. What can they offer the countryside?

3. What can they gain from their village positions?



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