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NO1:Put the public library at the top of your entertainment category。


Libraries are the forgotten goldmines of our society. The equivalent of a Ph.D. education in every field imaginable awaits within, and that's before you get into the latest fiction, movies and documentaries on DVD, music, magazines, nice people, and a generally classy and quiet place to relax or meet someone new. And kids love it there. And, it's free. How could this not be anyone's top choice for lifelong entertainment?


NO2:Use utilities efficiently。


Cut your costs by thousands per year by challenging yourself to be just a bit less dependent on climate control (a cooler house in winter and a warmer one in summer). This also improves your physical fitness and expands the range of weather you can comfortably enjoy outside. When possible, hang clothes to dry instead of using the electric dryer, only wash things when they need it, replace your 20-year-old fridge, and use only CFL and LED light bulbs, and try a lower-flow showerhead. Insulate your house well and open any South-facing blinds and curtains during the winter。


NO3:Bike more。


The bike is an automatic life-balancing machine. A money-printing fountain of youth. The health and financial benefits can make the difference between “broke" and “millionaire。” within a few decades. And in many areas, you can travel 5-10 miles faster by bike than by car, because you are immune to traffic jams and can maintain a constant 20MPH without being bound to regular roads. Choose your house and job around bike transportation, rather than around the car。


NO4:Cut car use。


Ride a bike, walk, or run whenever you can, and use your car only as the last choice. By planning errands in advance (like "Wednesday evening is Car Errands Night"), you avoid making several trips daily. Most things can wait a few days, if you really think about it. If you're missing one key ingredient for a recipe, just write it down and make something else for dinner, etc。


NO5:Only buy clothing you need。


While remaining well-dressed, you can choose to own less clothing (it can still be of high quality) and use your clothes until they wear out. We easily spend under $300 per year for the whole family and still have plenty of fine clothes and hiking and biking gear here。


NO6:Invest in people。


Develop great relationships with the people all around you, at work and even in your own neighborhood, since this leads to both more happiness and better work opportunities. By cutting out solitary time-drains like television-watching and car-commuting, you open up more time for things like group activities, entertaining, and volunteering, which will increase your family, social, and business networks。


NO7:Invest in yourself。


Develop extra skills over your lifetime, so you can maintain some of your own stuff (house, car, body, garden). The assumption today is that you are busy and successful, so you deserve to hire someone to trim your trees while you relax on the weekends. Take the opposite approach and insource the widest variety of tasks possible, to build a broader mesh of mutually reinforcing skills. The result is that you get better at everything, more employable, happier, and your cost of living plummets。


Cook at home more often, and take good nutrition seriously。


Eat less meat and avoid packaged convenience foods and anything with added sugar. Eat more vegetables, less bread and pasta and more healthy fat like nuts and olive oil. Shop at discount bulk stores like Costco. When traveling or working, bring your own food rather than throwing yourself at the mercy of the fast food system. This old advice is deceptively powerful, because it saves you thousands per year while also drastically improving your health (and thus, your energy level, focus, and ability to lead a happy life and earn more money)。


NO9:Save restaurants for special occasions。


Consider restaurants a treat that allow you to live like a king for one night as a reward for being debt-free and saving so much of your income, rather than a convenience because you just happened to have nothing in the fridge that night。




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