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achieve the goal one has set for oneself 达到为自己确立的目标

be completely absorbed in study 把精力完全贯注在学习上

derive pleasure from one’s studies 从学习中获得乐趣

distract one’s mind from one’s study 分散某人学习的注意力

learn through one’s valuable experience 从自己宝贵的经验中学习

neglect one’s studies 忽视自己的学习

place the study ahead of anything else 把学习放在第一位

stimulate oneself to study 发奋学习

study harder under the stimulus of praise 在表扬的激励下更加努力学习

study assiduously and perseveringly 持之以恒地刻苦学习


gain new insights through restudying old material 温故而知新

lay the basis for further study 为进一步深造奠定基础

store/stock one’s mind with knowledge 用知识充实头脑

Unless you study hard you will not pass the exam. 除非你用功,否则不会及格


a certificate examination 证书考试

be quite confident of passing the examination 坚信自己能通过考试

conduct an examination 举行考试

gain distinction in the examination 考试成绩优秀

take part in the entrance exams for graduate school 考研

We should study hard at ordinary times to avoid making a frantic last-minute effort. 我们应该平时多烧香,免得考试时临时抱佛脚。



About six or seven percent of the Gross National Product comes from tourism. 国民生产总值的6%-7%来自旅游业。

be one of the major industries of this country 是该国主要产业之一

belong to the service industry 属于服务性行业

benefit through peaceful development and cultural understanding 从和平发展和文化认同中获益

carry exchange and investment to … 吸引交流和投资到…

focus attention on the role tourism can play in elimination of poverty 重视旅游业对消除贫困的作用

serve as a dynamic catalyst of emploment, wealth, investment and poverty elimination 对就业、财富、投资和摆脱贫困起到有力的催化作用

Tourism business preserves cultural and heritage traditions. 旅游业保护传统和文化遗产。

do-it-yourself/independent travel 自助游

during the height of travel 在旅游的高峰季节

golden week for tourism 旅游黄金周

visit historic sites/spots 参观历史名胜


Political systems have evolves over several centuries. 政治制度是经历了好几个世纪的发展演变而来的。

undergo an economic and political transformation 经历经济和政治变革

well handle the relations among reform, development and stability 妥善处理改革、发展和稳定之间的关系

accoplish the great cause of national reunification 完成祖国统一大业

contribute to international peace and prosperity 为国际和平和繁荣作贡献


attract more foreign investment 吸引更多外国投资

resources-efficient development mode 有效利用资源型发展模式

sharpen the international competitiveness 加强国际竞争力

secure the fair competition on the marker 保障市场上公平竞争

place emphasis on the future development 强调未来发展

try to gain a large market share 谋求更大的市场份额

maintain the competitiveness in market contests 保持在市场竞争中的竞争力

reserve and promote the sound and cooperative economic and trade tries between the two countries 保持和促进两国之间稳健合作的经济和贸易联系


A major purpose of advertising is to construct a positive image about a company’s name and products. 广告宣传的一个主要目的之一是公司的声明和产品打造良好形象。

Advertising has become an indispensable means of selling goods. 广告宣传已成为产品销售的一个不可或缺的手段。

cheeky television ads 厚颜无耻的电视广告

exaggerated ads 夸大其词的广告

False ads jeopardize consumer rights. 虚假广告侵犯消费者的权利。

comply with the consumer protection law 遵守消费者保护法

violate the consumer rights 侵犯消费者的权利

avoid being a victim of fraud 避免成为欺诈受害者

be held accountable for the violation of law 被追究违法责任

piracy thriving in the virtual world 虚拟世界猖獗的盗版行为

take drastic actions against pirated goods 盗版商品的价值


Ball games are widespread. 球类运动很流行。

be in top condition at all times 随时保持最佳竞技状态

be keen on surfing 喜欢冲浪运动

be vigorous rather than skilful 与其说是身手不凡不如说是强壮有力

an upsurge in sports activities 体育运动热潮

develop mass sports activities 开展群众性体育运动

encourage athletics 鼓励开展体育运动

Exercise is the necessary to strengthen the body. 运动对于强身健体是必要的。

Exercise is the best preservative of health. 运动是最好的保健品。

Exercise makes one strong. 生命在于运动。

practice wholesome exercise 从事有益健康运动

Relaxation exercises can free your body of tension. 放松运动可松缓身体的紧张。

Sports may be a safety valve for people’s violent feelings. 运动是可以使人的强烈感情得以发泄的稳妥方式。

take regular exercise in the open 经常参加户外运动

an unique heritage 独特的遗产

carry forward the spirit of Olympics 发扬奥运精神

build up a good physique to defend the country 锻炼身体,保卫祖国

Do not become cocky/be dizzy with success, nor downcast over/discouraged by defeat. 胜不骄,败不馁。

high-morale and strong will; high-spirited and firmly-determinded 昂扬的斗志和顽强的毅力

in the true spirit of the sportmanship 以真正的体育道德精神

spiritual pillar 精神支柱




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